CashPlay.Co partner with G4M3 Studios

July 11, 2013 | iNTERGAME

BuddyBet B2B’s rebrand CashPlay.Co, has teamed up with games developer G4M3 Studios for the launch of the first mobile skill game to feature cash tournaments.

The first title from the Madrid-based G4M3 Studios to integrate with CashPlay.Co will be an endless running game called Crazy Lazy Runner, which will be available on Android and iOS. The multiplayer version, in which players will be able to place real money stakes against their friends based on their skills in the game, is in closed beta.

Having received $3m in funding earlier this year, social betting site BuddyBet rebranded its B2B monetisation platform for game developers as CashPlay.Co to provide a monetisation model that doesn’t detract from game play.

Jarrod Epps, CEO of CashPlay.Co, commented: “We know that gamers themselves are frustrated with freemium and pop up ads that ruin their playing experience, to the point where almost half the players we surveyed said these monetisation methods ruin their gaming experience completely.

“This platform is a big win for both the businesses that make games and the people who play them. Not only does CashPlay.Co add to the experience by offering players an optional way to be more passionately involved in the games they play, we are also helping developers support the development of their games through our global monetisation solution.”

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