To us every client is individual and unique. We understand that you will require your very own tailor made recruitment solutions. Our main aim is to enhance your business strategy and growth plans by strategically recruiting the very best talent in the market on your behalf.  

Esanda is proud of its service -  we provide recruitment solutions which push the boundaries of excellence!

Our approach

We do not simply throw bundles of CV's your way. We spend time and effort finding out exactly what your requirements are and delivering to agreed time lines and budgets.

We provide an individual service and an innovative approach to solving your staffing problems, which is the basis of our success.  We have a reputation for delivering and exceeding expectations.

There are many ways in which we source our candidates.  Over the years we have built up a substantial and enviable database of industry professionals and on a daily basis we receive referrals.  We also actively head hunt; advertise on our own website and also advertise on industry specific web sites and related publications.

We will exhaust all avenues to find you the exact individual or team that meets your business requires.

Our process

We aim to know our client’s business intimately in order for Esanda to provide the best possible service to you. 

Ideally we’ll meet with you and obtain a detailed brief which will give us an in-depth understanding of your company structure, goals and culture.  It is also imperative for us to gain a thorough understanding of the make-up of the team.  This will include how individuals work together and their key attributes of team members, both personally and professionally.

The job description you provide is essential to our candidates.  We will need to know what the candidate's activities will be on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We will need to know what their KPI's are likely to be and any key projects and clients they are going to be working on. This should also include any technologies to be used, interaction with 3rd party suppliers and any negotiations involved.

We also need to know what you want in terms of what the ideal candidate - what type of person and background are you looking for?  This includes their personality, qualifications, experience, and any target companies they may have worked for.  We will also need to know what your ambitions are for the role, this is to ensure that they match with the candidates own expectations.

Our services

With the digital age ever evolving and continuing to grow at a rapid rate, there is unfortunately a scarcity of qualified, talent available.  Simply put, demand far exceeds supply!  This is where we believe an Executive or Retained Search would be the best solution for your business.  However you can find details of all our recruitment services outlined below.

Contingency recruitment:

With this method of recruitment a fee is agreed and paid only on the successful appointment of a candidate.

We use our extensive network within the eGaming and new media industries to find the best available talent for you.  This includes an in-depth review of our database of industry professionals.  We will also use an integrated advertising approach, through industry specific media, including websites and publications. Esanda Recruitment has a reputation for excellence within our candidate community and as a result we are proud to say that around one third of our placements each month are a direct result of referrals.

Executive search:

A Executive Search is ideal when you have a very specific person in mind and have a good idea of what type of company you want them to come from.  We will agree with you a list of companies to target and then provide you with a regular report based on the outcome of the conversations we have had.  This approach allows us to offer you a 360 degree insight into the market place surrounding the recruitment of your role including details of all candidates we have approached.  We will then provide you with a shortlist of candidates from the target companies for you to move to interview stage, after which you can make an informed decision on who is the most exceptional candidate. 

As a result of the detail required to identify and speak with each candidate at all target companies, an Executive Search process may normally take between 4 & 6 weeks.

For this type of search all that we would ask is that you pay a portion of the fee upfront, a second installment upon presentation of the shortlist to you and the remainder of the fee upon successfully appointment of a candidate.

Retained search:

A Retained Search is similar to an Executive Search with a fee paid up front. This allows us to re-allocate our resources, to focus on your assignment.  Unlike the Executive Search, no fee is payable for the candidate shortlist, with the final installment only paid upon the successful appointment of a candidate.  With a 97% success rate, you can see why we are confident in getting the best candidate for your requirement using this method of recruitment!

We will identify a list of target companies to source the 'ideal' candidate. We believe it is  in your best interests to widen the search to different industries or candidates with a differing but still highly relevant background.

As with an Executive Search, candidates will predominantly come through headhunting, meaning you get the very best talent for you to choose from.

Vacancy search: